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About Bonnie:

Bonnie  Seeman has participated in numerous international and national  exhibitions including: 

Art Basel, Switzerland; the World Ceramic Biennale,  Korea; Arco Art Fair, Spain; and FIAC, France.Her works are in many  public and private collections including the Metropolitan Museum of Art,  the Mint Museum of Craft and Design, and The Carnegie Museum of Art.  She is the recipient of grants such as the Louis Comfort Tiffany  Foundation Biennial Award, and two Florida Individual Artist  Fellowships. She has demonstrated and lectured throughout the US, and  her work has been widely published.
She currently serves on the  board of Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, and has been a Florida Arts  Fellowship panelist. She received a MFA from the University of  Massachusetts/Dartmouth (‘96), and a BFA from the University of Miami  (’91).         

Artist Statement

I am very interested in the utilitarian object and how it can be used as  a means of narration. My work blends the macabre with the beautiful,  which acts as a metaphor for the fragility and resiliency of life. By  using my interest in morphology and anatomy I present the viewer with a  detailed examination of the living structures of the natural world. The  juxtaposition of the botanical and anatomical elements can  simultaneously be jarring, disquieting, and beautiful. This dichotomy  also enhances the tactile quality of the work enticing personal  interaction with the viewer.  


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